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How to Calculate Civil Filing Fees for Circuit Courts

IMPORTANT! Need more help on how to calculate civil filing fees? Please call your local circuit court and ask to speak with someone in the Civil section. They will be able to assist you with the proper fees for their court.

Circuit Civil Filing Fees Calculation HELP
Step 1 What type of civil case do you want to file? Click the arrow on the drop-down menu to select your civil case type.
Step 2 If you are filing a civil action for the award of monetary damages, enter the amount you are seeking to recover (i.e., lawsuit amount). Type the total amount of your lawsuit if applicable. The filing fee and taxes are different based on the amount of your lawsuit.
NOTE: Please see Virginia Code 17.1-275(A)(13) for additional instructions on civil actions for the recovery of monetary damages.
Step 3 Do you want to have the Virginia sheriff or high constable serve (deliver) a copy of the civil case to the Defendant/Respondent at the address you provide? There are fees for each party to be served by the sheriff or high constable and may vary by case type:

Click Yes to proceed to Step 4.

Note: If the case type is a Garnishment or Interrogatory Summons and service is requested, then you will be prompted to specify if a new levy or FiFa is needed.

Click No if you are using a service by other then a Virginia Sheriff, then proceed to Step 5

Step 4 How many defendants/respondents are to be served by the Virginia sheriff or high constable? Type the total number of defendants/respondents to be served by the Virginia sheriff or high constable. The in-state cost of service is $12 per person served. Please see Va. Code 17.1-272.

  1. Special rules apply for Garnishments/Interrogatories:

    1. For a Suggestion for Summons in Garnishment or Summons to Answer Interrogatories in which a debtor and garnishee are being served, please enter 2 as the number and the service fee will calculate at $24 ($12 per person served), even if a levy or writ of FiFa is being requested.
    2. If using a private process server, do not enter a number. A number should be entered only for processes/papers served by the sheriff or high constable.
  2. The fees for process and service in the following instances is $25:
    1. Service and publication of any notice of a publicly-advertised public sale.
    2. Service of a writ of possession, except that there shall be an additional fee of $12 for each additional defendant.
    3. Levying upon current money, bank notes, goods or chattels of a judgment debtor pursuant to 8.01-478.
    4. Service of a declaration in ejectment on any person, firm or corporation, except that there shall be an additional fee of $12 for each additional defendant.
    5. Levying distress warrant or an attachment.
    6. Levying an execution.
Step 5 Press the Calculate button to display the total filing fees required based on the information provided above. Click the Calculate button. The total fees required based on the answers provided are displayed. When this option is selected, a button allowing the user to "Show Calculation Details" will become available.
Step 6 Press the Show Calculation Details button to display fee calculation detail with option to print. A detailed breakdown of each fee amount allocation is displayed.
Click the Change Court/Reset button to clear the screen and select another court.

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