Virginia's Judicial System

VMN Fall Training Conference

October 28-30, 2001 - Sheraton West Hotel, Richmond

Among VMN explorations:

  • "The Shadow Negotiation" with Deborah Kolb. Dr. Kolb is a distinguished authority on gender issues in bargaining, a professor at Simmons Graduate School of Management, and author. Dr. Kolb will also conduct a workshop on using strategic moves to even the odds in the shadow negotiation.

  • "Quality Mediation: What is it? How do we achieve it?" with Michael Lang. Former editor of Mediation Quarterly, Michael Lang will lead a lively discussion of what mediators individually and collectively can do to improve the "quality" of practice.

  • Developing Excellence in Practice: The Path to Artistry," with Michael Lang. Drawing on the insights of his new book, The Making of A Mediator, Michael Lang will offer two intensive 3-hour sessions (with limited enrollment) to provide participants with opportunities to improve their skills and develop a more reflective approach.

  • ADR in Government Settings. Three of the sessions on Tuesday, October 30 are designed especially for dispute resolution in public and government settings. VMN welcomes Deborah Laufer, co-editor of the new Federal ADR Deskbook, to discuss cutting-edge programs in federal sector. A knowledgeable panel will then discuss developments of ADR in state government. Another experienced panel will explore with the audience techniques for dealing with difficult employment mediation issues.

  • Family Mediation. We offer a number of valuable programs of importance to family mediators, including an update of family law; sessions dealing with basic and advanced child support issues; several sessions relating to child custody; a program on evaluating family cases; and two programs dealing with marital property and financial planning.

  • Perspectives on Conflict Resolution. Presentations on conflict theory complete with practical implications: a look at a "systems" approach; an assessment of transformative and evaluative mediation; provocative sessions dealing with "internal impasse"; and a program highlighting social influence.

Other sessions. VMN offers a program on ethics presented by Geetha Ravindra; a provocative program designed to help trainers develop better advanced programs; and a useful session on the psychology of sexual harassment.

*Approved for Continuing Education Credits for Supreme Court of Virginia mediator recertification. MCLE approval pending.

Contact the VMN Administrative Office at 804-285-3373 for registration details or go to their website,

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