Virginia's Judicial System

Growth in Court-Referred Mediation in Virginia

An increase in available funding for mediation in the courts, coupled with an increased awareness of and appreciation for the dispute resolution alternative of mediation, has resulted in more cases being referred and mediated free of cost to the parties. From the fiscal year 2000-2001 to fiscal year 2001-2002, there was an increase of 87% in the number of cases mediated under contract and under the provisions of Senate Bill 127. There was also a 98% increase in the amount of funding expended for mediation in the courts. The increase in General District Court mediations was 56%, while Circuit Court mediations increased by 82% and J&DR Court mediations (contract and SB127 combined) expanded by 74%.

Important Mediation Information System Reminders

  1. Data regarding all court-referred mediations should be entered promptly into the MIS database on-line.
  2. Go to the court web site at and click on Mediation, then on Mediation Information System.
  3. Your user name is the first two letters of your last name (in upper case) followed by the last four digits of your social security number. Your password is your first name (as it appears in our mediator database) all in upper case.
  4. It is crucial that you enter all requested dates. If you leave dates blank, the system default date will result in the calculation of inaccurate date spans which renders our ability to produce accurate reports impossible.
  5. New data fields include: contract number (if you hold a contract with OES) and time spent in agreement writing. There are also several new options for case type.

This page last modified: December 9, 2002