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Calendars of Training Courses and Conferences

October 2016, Volume 24, Issue 5

  • Evaluative Mediation: Friend or Foe?

July 2016, Volume 24, Issue 4

  • Flipping the ABCs

March 2016, Volume 24, Issue 3

  • Mediation in Wonderland

February 2016, Volume 24, Issue 2

  • When Empathy Threatens

January 2016, Volume 24, Issue 1

  • Family Mediator Fee Increase Request Arrives at General Assembly
  • What Words Best Convey a Mediator's Certification?
  • VACCR: Helping Give Children the Two-Parent Advantage
  • Community Mediation Center News
  • Twelfth Annual Parent Educators Symposium
  • Keeping You Informed: A DRS Update

August 2015, Volume 23, Issue 1

  • Statewide Measure of Filings in Mediation
  • Recent Ethical Quagmires
  • Staying the Course: My Year as a Higginbotham Fellow
  • Changing Hats: Making the Transition to the Mediator Role
  • Courts Limit Additions to Parent Education Provider Rosters
  • Three Great Conferences on Divorce Settlements
  • Keeping You Informed: A DRS Update
  • Community Mediation Center News

December 2014; Volume 22, Issue 2

  • The Virginia Center for Consensus Building
  • Child Support Calculator, Plaintiff v. Mediator/Programmer, Defendant
  • A Measure of Satisfaction in Mediation
  • Update from the Virginia Association for Community Conflict Resolution
  • Community Mediation Center News
  • Keeping You Informed: A DRS Update

July 2014; Volume 22, Issue 1

  • Worker's Compensation Commission ADR Program
  • Virginia Center for Restorative Justice to Provide RJ Training Nationally
  • Child Support Guidelines Changed July 1
  • Mediator Jim Smith Wins Governor's Volunteerism Award
  • Mediator Pamela Trotter Chosen as Higginbotham Fellow
  • VACCR Gets Executive Director, Continues Legislative and
  • Public Education Efforts
  • Apple Valley Mediation Network Appoints New Executive Director
  • Keeping You Informed: DRS Update

October 2013; Volume 21, Issue 2

  • Restorative Justice Applications in Our Community and Yours
  • Twentieth Anniversary Celebration of the Dispute Resolution Statutes in Virginia
  • ADR Resource Corner Book Review
  • Announcing the NVMS Susan Shearouse Scholarship
  • Keeping You Informed ~ A DRS Update
  • Myths of Mentorship

February 2013; Volume 21, Issue 1

  • In the News: Fatal Shooting in Phoenix
  • Twenty Years of Data from Virginia Court-Connected ADR
  • Educating the Public about Mediation: Patch and Facebook
  • When Domestic Violence Follows Religion into the Room
  • Real Estate Issues in Divorce Cases
  • How Late is Too Late?
  • Skype Mediation
  • ADR Resource Corner
  • Keeping You Informed: DRS Update

August 2012; Volume 20, Issue 2

  • ADA Mediation: Ensuring All Parties' Full Participation
  • Motivational Interviewing: Preparing People for Change
  • ADR Resource Corner
  • Keeping You Informed: A DRS Update

April 2012; Volume 20, Issue 1

  • A Life That Inspires: The Honorable Cleo Elaine Powell, Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia
  • Community Mediation Center News
  • Mentoring Notes
  • Governor McDonnell Proclaims March is Mediation Month for 2012
  • ADR Times Article: An Exploration of Mastery and Incompetence in Mediation
  • Is Marriage Dying in Virginia?
  • Keeping You Informed: A DRS Update

October 2011; Volume 19, Issue 3

  • Virginia Celebrates ABA Mediation Week
  • Youth Make a Positive Impact as Peer Mediators
  • A Life That Inspires: Vincent Cusumano, Ph.D.
  • Spreading the Word About Mediation
  • ADR Resource Corner: Book Review of Conflict
  • 101: A Manager's Guide to Resolving Problems
  • So Everyone Can Get Back to Work
  • The Future of Court ADR: Mediation and Beyond
  • Community Mediation Center News
  • Keeping You Informed: A DRS Update

April 2011; Volume 19, Issue 2

  • Whole Brain Mediation: An Invitation from Modern Neuroscience
  • A Life That Inspires: Claudette Black McDaniel
  • ADR in the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
  • March 2011 Celebrated as Mediation Month in Virginia
  • Legislative Updates: Effective 7/1/2011
  • Keeping You Informed: A DRS Update
  • Book Review: The Little Book of Restorative Justice
  • Community Mediation Center News

January 2011; Volume 19, Issue 1

  • Post-Conflict Kyrgyzstan: "Is There 'Room' for Reconciliation?"
  • What Family Mediators Can Learn From Grief Counselors
  • Two DRS Employees Honored Through the OES Awards and Recognition Program
  • VCRC Brings Season of Nonviolence Project to Hampton Roads
  • ADR Resource Corner - Book Review of Ripples From Peace Lake
  • Keeping You Informed - A DRS Update
  • A Life That Inspires - Janice E. Mason

October 2010; Volume 18, Issue 3

  • Conflict Resolution Day Celebrated in Virginia
  • A Life That Inspires - Dennie Milton Sutherland
  • Mediation & Parent Education at VDSS Family Strengthening Conference
  • Community Mediation Center News
  • Keeping You Informed - A DRS Update
  • Court-Referred ADR Program Statistics
  • ADR Resource Corner


July 2010; Volume 18, Issue 2

  • Own a License Plate Celebrating Peace
  • Virginia Conflict Resolution Center Seeking Executive Director
  • International Child Abduction Conference Report
  • 2010 Update - Judicial Settlement Conference Program
  • A Life That Inspires - Marjorie ("Marge") Bleiweis
  • DRS Resource Corner - Book Review
  • Keeping You Informed - A DRS Update

April 2010; Volume 18, Issue 1

  • North Carolina’s Child Custody and Visitation Mediation Program
  • Mediating Aging Issues
  • Mediator Confidentiality Requirements Revisited
  • Mediation Community News
  • Keeping You Informed ~ A DRS Update
  • A Life That Inspires ~ Kathryn Esther Stoltzfus Fairfield

December 2009; Volume 17, Issue 4

  • Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Conflict Coaching:  One-on-One ADR
  • Agreement Writing for Court
  • Partnership Introduces UVA Law Students to Mediation
  • Keeping You Informed ~ A DRS Update
  • Megan Johnston Is Announced Executive Director of Northern Virginia Mediation Service
  • Vietnam, "A Delightfully Difficult Place" for Mediation
  • A Life That Inspires ~ Andrea C. Palmisano
  • The Resource Corner:  New and Improved Mentoring Tips

September 2009; Volume 17, Issue 3

  • Mandatory Mediation - The North Carolina Experience
  • We're Thankful for All of You
  • Mandy Stallings - A Welcome Addition to the DRS Staff
  • A Life That Inspires - Ieva Priman Cucinelli
  • Every Knot Has Someone to Untie It (Arabic Proverb)
  • University of Richmond Law Students Declared Champions
  • Reflections on the Tamarisk Tree
  • Court-Referred ADR Program Statistics Through the 2008-09 Fiscal Year
  • Good Morning America to Feature Mediation Center of Charlottesville's Co-Parenting Class
  • Keeping You Informed - A DRS Update

June 2009; Volume 17, Issue 2

  • Virginia Department of Employment Dispute Resolution: Helping State Employees Manage Workplace Conflict
  • Working in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass: Mediating from a Process Work Perspective
  • A Life That Inspires: Sharon M. "Shari" Pickett
  • Congratulations to Virginia Certified Mediator Rachel L. Virk on the Publication of Her Book, The Four Ways of Divorce
  • DRS Offers Mediation Training Opportunities
  • Sixth Annual Parent Educators Symposium
  • Keeping You Informed: A DRS Update

March 2009; Volume 17, Issue 1

  • FEMA Deploys ADR Cadre to Assist in Workplace Conflict Resolution
  • Keeping You Informed - A DRS Update
  • The Resource Corner - A Book Review
  • Parent Education Classes Provide A Valuable Pre-Mediation Resource
  • Virginia Mediator Published In Law Journal
  • A Life That Inspires - Cheryl Watson Smith
  • Electronic Transmission of Mentoring Forms
  • Community Mediation Center News
  • Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center Bids Farewell to Maria Hyson
  • Circuit Court Mediation Program Changes
  • Governor Kaine Proclaims March 2009 as Mediation Month

December 2008; Volume 16, Issue 2

  • What’s Unique About Mediating Special Education Issues?
  • Getting on Board in the Electronic Age
  • Conflict Resolution Center Names New Executive Director
  • A Life That Inspires Amy B. Barnhart
  • What the Parties Have to Say
  • Judicial Settlement Conference
  • VMN Session Expands List of Recommended Reading for Mediators
  • Summary of Virginia Court-Referred ADR Statistics

March 2008; Volume 16, Issue 1

  • Confidentiality in Mediation Discussions
  • DRS Welcomes....Nancy Siford
  • Restorative Justice Continues to Grow in Virginia
  • VA Assn. of Community Conflict Resolution
  • From a Knotted Ball of Yarn . . .
  • A Life That Inspires ~ Ken Ferebee
  • Mediation Center Hosts Session on Recommended Reading for Mediators
  • Readers’ Response
  • Governor Kaine Proclaims March as Mediation Month
  • Project Homeless Connect: Using Conflict Coaches
  • Conflict Resolution Part of Earn and Learn Program for Teens

December 2007; Volume 15, Issue 3

  • Sally Campbell Named As New DRS Coordinator
  • Mediator Review Committee Decision
  • VA Association Of Community Conflict Resolution
  • A Brief Conversation with Geetha Ravindra
  • Notice To Family Mediators Extrapolating A Child Support Amount
  • Mediation ~ Child Support And Public Assistance
  • Virginia ADR Statistics As of The End Of Fiscal Year 2006-07

August 2007; Volume 15, Issue 2

  • Judicial Settlement Conference Training Session
  • 2007-08 Mediation Contracts Awarded
  • Myths Of Mentorship
  • Norfolk Mediation Center Working To End Gang Violence
  • Conflict Coaching
  • MIS Encouraging Words!!!
  • Circuit Court Of Chesterfield County 2007 - Mediation Survey Results

April 2007; Volume 15, Issue 1

  • Child Dependency Mediation Meeting Held In March
  • Supreme Court Of Virginia Redesigns Web Site ~ Mediator Forms Revised ~
  • Mediation Month In Virginia
  • Community Peace Building License Plate
  • 2007 Family Law Update
  • Tim Ruebke Named Executive Director In Harrisonburg
  • 25th Anniversary Celebration
  • Kim Humphrey At The Helmat Norfolk Center
  • Office Of The Executive Secretary Appoints ADR Ethics Committee
  • Dependency Mediation Summary Form
  • Requests For Proposals Posted To Court Web Site
  • Parent Education Programs Get Needed Training And Resources

December 2006; Volume 14, Issue 3

  • State-wide Conference on Restorative Justice Held in Williamsburg
  • Welcome Aboard Sally Campbell!
  • Farewell and Thanks Cheryl Gray Ball!
  • New Custody Pro Bono Mediation Project
  • State-wide Training on Revised Mentor Guidelines Completed
  • The Resource Corner
  • Third Annual Parent Educators Symposium Held at Supreme Court Building
  • Healthy Families Initiative
  • Mediation ADA/FHA Issues – Outside the Box in Mediation

August 2006; Volume 14, Issue 2

  • Child Dependency Mediation Training
  • Mentoring Process Revised With Emphasis On Quality Assurance
  • Ethical Scenarios For Attorneys-Mediators And Those Who Work With Them
  • Farewell From Executive Director Bob Glover
  • Family and Child Support Mediation Training A Success
  • 2006-07 Mediation Contracts Awarded
  • Welcome Rebekah Carswell!
  • Child Protection Training Opportunity
  • 2006 Child Support Legislative Changes For Family Mediators

April 2006; Volume 14, Issue 1

  • Governor Kaine Issues Proclamation Recognizing March as Mediation Month in Virginia
  • U.S. Supreme Court Ruling Supports Key Arbitration Doctrine
  • Mediation Efforts in Natural Disaster Areas
  • Water Quality Mediation Update
  • Threats and Crime: Two Perplexing Exceptions to Mediation Confidentiality
  • The Resource Corner~ Book Review
  • Training Outside the Classroom Peer Consultation Groups
  • Judicial Support for the Confidentiality of Mediation Sessions

December 2005; Volume 13, Issue 4

  • DRS Explores Quality Assurance Initiatives
  • Mediation in Armenia
  • The Book Review Corner - Lickson
  • Restorative Justice Conference
  • Center Appoints New Director
  • Mediation in the Portsmouth Circuit Court

August 2005; Volume 13, Issue 3

  • Court-Annexed Mediation Center Established in High Court of Madras
  • Collaborative Practice: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to ADR
  • Fairfax County Schools Peer Mediation and Conflict Resolution Program
  • ADR Conferences
  • 2005-06 Mediation Contracts Awarded
  • Virginia Mediation
  • ABA Adopts Model Standards of Conduct
  • NJ Confidentiality

April 2005; Volume 13, Issue 2

  • March is Mediation Month in Virginia
  • Virginia Agricultural Mediation Program
  • Virginia Department of Forestry Develops Water Quality Mediation Pilot Program
  • Motions Conciliation a Success in Fairfax JDR Court
  • Fauquier Neutral Case Evaluation Program

January 2005; Volume 13, Issue 1

  • Judicial Settlement Conference Program Update
  • Rappahannock Mediation Center Selects New Executive Director
  • Credentialing for Mediators - Will One Size Fit All?
  • Virginia Restorative Justice Symposium
  • Bioethics Mediation: A Guide to Shaping Shared Solutions A Book Review
  • Peace License Plate Expected to be Available Soon!
October 2004; Volume 12, Issue 3
  • Summary of Court-Referred Mediations From Fiscal Year 2000-2001 through Fiscal Year 2003-2004
  • Restorative Justice Association of Virginia Sponsors Symposium in December 2004
  • California Supreme Court Ruling Protects Confidentiality
  • California’s Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Chesterfield Circuit Court Mediation Program
  • Assisted Negotiation Valued In Special Education Matters
  • Virginia Solutions: Common Ground for the Commonwealth
  • The 911 Victims Compensation Fund Hearings Amalgamated ADR
  • Parent Educators Symposium Held September 15, 2004 at the Supreme Court of Virginia
  • Book Review
  • Community Mediation Center Website Links
July 2004; Volume 12, Issue 2
  • Dispute Resolution Services Receives Grant From DSS
  • Child Dependency Mediation Pilots Funded
  • 2004 Virginia General Assembly Legislation Bills Essential to Mediation
  • Bills Introduced in 2004 and Carried Over to the 2005 General Assembly Session
  • Mediation Center of Hampton Roads Hosts Open House
  • An Excellent Book Review! Moving Through Conflict to Resolution
  • Manual for Legal Services and Pro Bono Mediation Programs
March 2004; Volume 12, Issue 1
  • Mediation Information System Reports
  • March is Virginia Mediation Month
  • Study of Recidivism in Mediated Domestic Relations Cases
  • Virginia Chapter of ACR Hosts Conference
  • Northern Virginia Student Mediation Conference
  • VITA is Proactive in Implementing the Virginia Administrative Dispute Resolution Act (VADRA)
December 2003; Volume 11, Issue 4
  • OES Pilots Judicial Settlement Conference Program
  • Virginia Certified Mediators Provide Quality Services In Court-Referred Custody, Visitation and Support Cases
  • Who Are Our Court-Certified Mediators?
  • New for 2004 - Mediator Peer Consultation
  • Mediator Recertification Guidelines Revised
  • Civil Mediation Program in the 12th Judicial Circuit Court: Chesterfield Circuit Court
  • American Bar Association Sponsors Section of Dispute Resolution Spring Conference
  • Greater Peninsula Women’s Bar Association Sponsors Mediation CLE Program
October 2003; Volume 11, Issue 3
  • Check Out Our New Searchable Mediator Directory!
  • 24th Judicial District Institutionalizes Mediation in Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Courts
  • ADR Resource Corner Book Review
  • Mediation Contracts Awarded for 2003-2004 Fiscal Year
  • Raising the Bar for Mediation
  • Sentencing Alternatives = Family Enrichment
June 2003; Volume 11, Issue 2 March 2003; Volume 11, Issue 1 December 2002; Volume 10, Issue 4 September 2002; Volume 10, Issue 3 June 2002; Volume 10, Issue 2 March 2002; Volume 10, Issue 1 December 2001; Volume 9, Issue 4 October 2001; Volume 9, Issue 3 July 2001; Volume 9, Issue 2
  • OES Celebrates Anniversary
  • Mediating Across Cultures
  • New Directors for Centers
  • A Decade of Growth
  • Circuit Court Referrals
  • ADR Resource Corner
  • Readers’ Response
  • Important Reminder
  • Conferences
March 2001; Volume 9, Issue 1 December 2000; Volume 8, Issue 4 September 2000; Volume 8, Issue 3 June 2000; Volume 8, Issue 2
  • New CVS Funding
  • Construction Mediation
  • Pilot School Mediation Project
  • Important Reminders
  • Mediation Center Feature
  • Coalition of Centers List
  • Trapping the Data
  • Natural Resources Institute
  • Resource Corner
  • Department of Justice Grant
  • Readers’ Response
  • Conferences
March 2000; Volume 8, Issue 1

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