Virginia's Judicial System

Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee Opinions

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08-1 Propriety of Judge Serving as Pastor or Minister
[The Committee withdrew this opinion on February 17, 2010.]


06-1 Circumstances under which judges may send letters of recommendation. 10/12/2006


03-4 A Judge May Serve As An Officer In The Judge Advocate General's Corps Of The Reserve Components Of The Armed Forces Of The United States (Amended May 21, 2004) 11/21/2003
03-3 Propriety of a Judge's Serving on Board of Non-Profit Corporation that Assists and Educates Members of the Legal Profession who Suffer from Chemical Dependency (Amended November 21, 2003) 07/18/2003
03-2 Propriety of a Judge Recommending a Candidate for a Judgeship to a Legislative Committee (Amended July 18, 2003) 05/16/2003
03-1 Recusal Based Upon Attorneys' Subleasing of Office Building Owned by Judge and a Subtenant Attorney's Family Relationship with Lessee 05/16/2003


01-8 Recusal Based Upon Acquaintance With Party, Attorney or Witness 07/16/2001
01-7 Judge With Ownership Interest in a Building, a Part of Which is Subleased by Judge's Former Partner to an Attorney who Appears in Judge's Court. 07/16/2001
01-6 Propriety of a Judge's Signing Application for Appointment as a Notary 04/27/2001
01-5 Compensation for Judges Pro Tempore Appointed Pursuant to Virginia Code Section 17.1-110 04/27/2001
01-4 Propriety of a Judge Lecturing or Teaching in Police Training Programs 03/28/2001
01-3 Judge's Leaving Accumulated Funds In Former Law Firm's Profit Sharing Plan 03/28/2001
01-2 May a Judge Testify as to Facts Witnessed While He Was a Practicing Attorney but Before He Became a Judge? 03/12/2001
01-1 May a Judge Report a Physician for Over-Prescribing Drugs Based on Information Learned in the Course of a Child Custody Proceeding in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court? 02/07/2001


00-9 Propriety of a Judge's Serving as Officer or Director of Property Owners Association 11/08/2000
00-8 Propriety of a Judge's Writing or Telephoning the Virginia State Bar Supporting a Petition for Reinstatement of an Attorney Whose License had been Surrendered or in Support of an Attorney Facing Disciplinary Action 09/11/2000
00-7 Judge's Responding to Legislator's Inquiry Regarding a Case 09/11/2000
00-6 Propriety of a Judge Serving as a Member of the Virginia State Crime Commission 07/17/2000
00-5 Whether A Judge Who Holds Stock in a Publicly Held Corporation Must Recuse Himself/Herself When That Corporation is a Party 07/17/2000
00-4 Circuit Court Judge Having Ex Parte Communications with Probation Officers 05/08/2000
00-3 Propriety of a Judge's Serving on Board of a Juvenile Group Home Which Accepts Court Referrals 03/27/2000
00-2 Judges Serving on Community Criminal Justice Boards 02/01/2000
00-1 Propriety of a Judge's Voting in a Primary Election or "Firehouse Primary" 02/01/2000


99-8 Substitute Judge's Listing of Judicial Status in Martindale-Hubbell Legal Directory 11/18/1999
99-7 Judge's Participating in Media Interviews Concerning Legal Issues 11/17/1999
99-6 Propriety of a Judge's Voting in a Primary Election or "Firehouse Primary" 11/15/1999
99-5 Judge's Receiving Ex Parte Letters from Prisoners 10/06/1999
99-4 Judge's Recusal When the Judge has Filed a Complaint Against One of the Lawyers with the Virginia State Bar 09/21/1999
99-3 Retired Judge's Soliciting Contributions for National Judicial College 09/21/1999
99-2 Substitute Judges Performing Marriage Ceremonies 06/06/1999
99-1 Substitute Judges Listing Position in Biographical Information 06/06/1999