Virginia's Judicial System

Instructions for Attorneys Arguing Granted Cases Before the Supreme Court of Virginia

Once this Court has granted review of your case before the full court and briefing (generally) has been completed, you will receive a notification in the mail concerning the approximate session at which you will argue.  Once you have responded to that letter, you will receive a second letter containing information on the date and time your case is scheduled to be argued.  Please follow the instructions in each letter.

On the day you are arguing, please plan to be in the courtroom no later than 8:45 a.m. as you must check-in with the deputy clerk and receive instructions.

Please note that no cell phones, pagers, laptops, electronic or other noise-making devices will be allowed into the courthouse. Effective September 9, 2013, with written permission of the Court, a personal computer may be used by counsel in the courtroom during oral arguments. Please refer to the Court's Computers in the Courtroom Policy for specific instructions.

Please bring a photo ID to gain admission to the courthouse.