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Circuit Court Fiduciary Forms

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The following forms can be completed online and printed for submission to the court. The forms available for completion online are those typically completed and submitted by an attorney-represented or self-represented party to a case.

Circuit Court
Fiduciary Forms and Instructions
Deposition of Witness to Will Without Self-Proving Clause
[Form CC-1601]
Deposition of Witness to Prove Holographic Will
[Form CC-1602]
Deposition of Witness to Prove Signatures of Deceased Attesting Witnesses and of the Testator
[Form CC-1603]
Proof of Holographic Will / Proof of Soldier's or Sailor's Will
[Form CC-1604]
Waiver of Qualification
[Form CC-1608]
Certificate of Creditor or Person Other Than a Distributee
[Form CC-1609]
Consent of Nonresident Fiduciary for Service of Process
[Form CC-1610]
List of Heirs
[Form CC-1611]
Real Estate Affidavit
[Form CC-1612]
Notice Regarding Estate of
[Form CC-1616]
Affidavit of Notice Regarding Estate of
[Form CC-1617]
Waiver of Notice of Probate or Qualification
[Form CC-1618]
Power of Attorney For New Or Additional Bond
[Form CC-1619]
Addendum for Financial Information - Confidential (Guardian and/or Conservator)
[Form CC-1641]
Addendum to Petition for Appointment of Guardian or Conservator-Under Seal
[Form CC-1642]
Certification of Proposed Guardian
[Form CC-1643]
Report of Guardian for an Incapacitated Person
[Form CC-1644]
Sample Form CC-1644
Notice of Restriction by Guardian
[Form CC-1645]
Petition for Review Hearing (Guardian and/or Conservator)
[Form CC-1646]
Probate Information Form
[Form CC-1650]
Probate Tax Return
[Form CC-1651]
Incapacitated Adult Information Form
[Form CC-1652]
Guardian of Minor Information Form
[Form CC-1653]
Trust Information Form
[Form CC-1654]
Inventory for Decedent's Estate
[Form CC-1670]
Inventory for Incapacitated Adult
[Form CC-1671]
Instructions and Sample Form
Inventory for Estate of Minor
[Form CC-1672]
Inventory for Trust
[Form CC-1673]
Account for Decedent's Estate
[Form CC-1680]
Instructions and Sample Form
Statement In Lieu of Settlement of Account for Decedent's Estate Pursuant to Va. Code § 64.2-1314
[Form CC-1681]
Account for Incapacitated Adult
[Form CC-1682]
Instructions and Sample Form
Account for Minor
[Form CC-1683]
Instructions and Sample Form
Account for Trust
[Form CC-1684]
Instructions and Sample Form

How to Fill Out Revisable PDF Forms

To fill out a form, open the form by clicking on it. All fields within the form that can be edited will be highlighted in grey. Click inside the first field you wish to edit. Some fields only allow one line within that particular field to be edited. Begin typing. Use your "Tab" key to navigate forward through the different fields. Use the "Shift" plus "Tab" keys together to go back. To print a form, use the browser's print feature. Deliver the printout to the appropriate court.

Format of Forms

These forms are available as Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. The Adobe Reader (free from Adobe) allows you to view, complete and print PDF documents.These forms are designed and tested to work with the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and may not display or function correctly in browser specific PDF viewers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.).  If your browser doesn’t open PDFs with Acrobat Reader, download (save) the form and then open it using Acrobat Reader, rather than opening it within your browser. 

All of our PDF files are tested prior to posting. If you have problems with a form, please review the troubleshooting information in Adobe's support knowledgebase. You may also contact the [email protected].


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