Virginia's Judicial System

Supreme Court of Virginia Computers in the Courtroom Policy

Effective September 9, 2013, counsel presenting oral argument before the full Court, or a panel thereof, is permitted to bring into the courtroom or panel room a laptop, tablet, or other personal computer solely for use during the presentation of oral argument. The computer shall not be used to record any oral argument or other proceeding; shall not be used to take still photos or make a video recording; shall be in silent mode; shall not be used to "tweet," email, instant message, or otherwise communicate while in the courtroom or panel room; and shall not be used to access the Internet via any method. The computer must be kept in a case when not being used during counsel's argument. If counsel wishes to use a computer for this purpose, counsel must first request permission in writing from the Court at least 72 hours in advance of oral argument. The written permission received from the Court must be presented to the Capitol Police Officer when counsel arrives at the Supreme Court of Virginia building for oral argument. The Court reserves the right to deny such permission on any basis it deems reasonable.