Virginia's Judicial System

Supreme Court of Virginia Audio Recordings of Oral Arguments

Audio recordings of oral arguments made before the full Court during session since 1/7/14 are posted below. Recordings will be posted at the end of each week that the Court is in session. We adhere to the policy of the United States Supreme Court for accessing recordings of their oral arguments: “The public may either download the audio files or listen to the recordings on the Court’s website.”  The audio recordings are listed by case name, docket number and session date.

February Session Schedule (beginning 02/26/19)

180812 Rankin v. Commonwealth
180015 Harvey v. Commonwealth
180764 Thomas v. Commonwealth
180528 Hodnett v. Commonwealth
180266 Coates v. Jones, et al.
180644 Turner v. Commonwealth
180555 Callison v. Glick, Substitute Trustee, et al.
180224 Spear v. Omary
180511 Bekenstein, et al. v. Bank of America
171707 Gapanovitch v. Hazelwood
180561 Bryant v. Commonwealth
180497 Fairfax County School Board v. S.C., etc.
180473 RMBS Recovery Holdings I, et al. v. HSBC Bank USA
180557 HSBC Bank USA v. RMBS Recovery Holdings I, et al.
180476 Blazer v. About Women, OBGYN, PC, et al.
180520 A.H., a Minor, etc. v. Church of God in Christ, Inc., et al.
180537 Brown v. Commonwealth
180485 Adkins v. Commonwealth
180178 Dwyer v. Town of Culpeper
180373 Pridemore, et al. v. Hryniewich, et al.
180379 Hryniewich v. Pridemore, et al.
181061 Dominion Resources, Inc., et al. v. Alstom Power, Inc.