Virginia's Judicial System

Supreme Court of Virginia Audio Recordings of Oral Arguments

Audio recordings of oral arguments made before the full Court during session since 1/7/14 are posted below. Recordings will be posted at the end of each week that the Court is in session. We adhere to the policy of the United States Supreme Court for accessing recordings of their oral arguments: “The public may either download the audio files or listen to the recordings on the Court’s website.”  The audio recordings are listed by case name, docket number and session date.

April Session Schedule (beginning on 04/20/2021)

201106  Healthkeepers v. Dominion Surgical Specialists
201108  Evans v. Evans
200799  Merid v. Commonwealth
191487  Fair v. Department of Corrections
200695  Machen, et al. v. Williams, et al.
200222  Merck & Co. v. Vincent
201028  Norton, et al. v. Board of Supervisors
200840  Phillips v. Rohrbaugh, etc., et al.
200187  Kosko v. Ramser, et al.
200336  Lucas, etc. v. Riverhill Poultry, et al.
200356  Nicholson v. Commonwealth, et al.
200703  Kinsey, et al. v. Virginia Electric and Power Company
200823  Dill v. Kroger Limited Partnership I, et al.
200192  Guarino v. Clarke
201006  Logan v. Commonwealth
200941  *Rompalo v. Commonwealth
200545  Maimaitimin, et al. v. Abuduhamiti
200963  Bonanno v. Quinn
200195  Historic Alexandria v. City of Alexandria, et al.
200105  *Dulles Professional Center, et al. v. Board of Supervisors, et al.

*Technical difficulties occurred during these arguments.