Virginia's Judicial System

Supreme Court of Virginia Audio Recordings of Oral Arguments

Audio recordings of oral arguments made before the full Court during session since 1/7/14 are posted below. Recordings will be posted at the end of each week that the Court is in session. We adhere to the policy of the United States Supreme Court for accessing recordings of their oral arguments: “The public may either download the audio files or listen to the recordings on the Court’s website.”  The audio recordings are listed by case name, docket number and session date.

March Session Schedule (beginning on 03/01/2022)

210287 CNT Nova, Inc., et al. v. Commodore Capital LLC
210288 CNT Nova, Inc., et al. v. Commodore Capital LLC
210282 McDiarmid Associates v. Yevdokimov
210391 Appalachian Power Company v. State Corporation Commission, et al.
210634 OAG, Division of Consumer Counsel, et al. v. State Corporation Commission, et al.
210501 *Fines v. Rappahannock Area Community Services Board
210509 *Patterson, Personal Representative v. City of Danville, et al.
201510 Chesapeake Hospital Authority v. State Health Commissioner, et al.
210469 Wells, et al. v. Beville, et al.
201329 Edwards v. Omni International Services, Inc.
210382 Boyle, Individually, et al. v. Anderson, Ancillary Administrator
210443 Erie Insurance Exchange v. Jones, an Infant
210310 Southway Builders, Inc. v. United States Surety Company, et al.
210294 Williams v. Clarke, Director
210260 LaRock v. City of Norfolk
210318 Wills v. Wills
210489 In Re: Honorable Adrianne L. Bennett

*Technical difficulties in this case.